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Saturday, December 31st, 2016
2:15 pm
almost to the end of 2016
What a crap year. For the world, and for me personally. No great tragedy in my life, but it was just full of grinding difficulties, getting sick, getting injured, etc.

Here's to making 2017 a better experience.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

Here's an original fantasy story I've been reading:


Long fic, not that exciting, but if you are a geek for magic you might enjoy it.
Sunday, February 7th, 2016
10:44 am
medieval hentai

LOL at that punchline.

This is how every porn writer gets through the day. :)
Thursday, February 4th, 2016
2:12 pm
Friday, January 29th, 2016
3:13 am
great cover of the OPM opening song

I listen to this at least once a day. :)

Oops, that's the short version. This is the one I listen to:


Current Mood: amused
3:11 am
2016 - still alive post
Still alive. Still grinding along in real life, treading water basically. Still writing down lots of ideas, background material, etc. but no real writing. I don't read fanfic anymore, for various reasons. Still daydream about Harry Potter stories, some Ranma, all the usual suspects. Still watching anime, mostly because I have a friend who is also into it and we actually get together on a regular basis to watch it, so I'm pretty much up to speed there. I'm genre-agnostic, for me it's about quality, and every year there is quite a bit of quality anime coming out.

The last great show I finished was One Punch Man. Superb show, insane action and very funny. A lot of people on the web don't seem to understand or appreciate its subtler aspects, probably due to immaturity, but a lot do, which is nice. Looking forward to Season Two, which I'm 100% sure will be made.

Not sure if anyone is still out there reading this...posting to the void is fine, really, but I kinda miss the days when I was active on the fanfic scene and had some peeps to chat with. I guess I'll have to muster up the gumption to write and post a few things...there are a number of things I've come close to writing, it's just a matter of having the unbending intent to spend the energy without looking for any kind of reward. I don't even care about reward these days, in any sense, but it is still a bit like making myself do an exercise routine after I'm already tired from work...it's doable but I have to summon the energy from the pure beyond, since it isn't attached to anything in the mundane realm, if that makes any sense. I still find that mysterious about reality, how energy, in the sense of personal energy, isn't really limited the way thermodynamic energy is, you can always summon more via an effort of will if you are properly motivated.

I also have a lot of occult/mystic thoughts and information that I feel like sharing with the world, but I'm not sure this is the proper place and/or format...I might end up just writing it all down and posting it to a torrent site anonymously. That would get it out there and fate will take care of getting it to people to whom it might have some use.

My existence is very empty right now, so I may post more here soon, but no promises. Life always seems to change suddenly just when you think things are all settled.

Best wishes to everyone and "have a good one" as we say around here. :)

Current Mood: okay
Saturday, June 20th, 2015
1:05 pm
Mio Loses It

From an anime called "Nichijou". It is a total classic. Best thing I've watched in a long time. It's very funny and sweet. Watch it if your soul needs healing with some pure positivity. There are also, as in this clip, some moments (okay many moments) of bizarre, insane hilarity. LOVE IT!!!
Monday, June 15th, 2015
6:12 pm

One of my favorite webcomics. The kind of thing I'd be creating if I were doing webcomics. Smut and humor, mostly.
6:11 pm
One-punch Man

Really good manga. Great art and hilarious story. The really cool thing, to me, is that beneath the LOLs is a ton of genuine philosophical thinking. What does it mean to be strong and so on.
3:05 pm
The "Prove You Aren't Dead" post
Fanfic writers of yore! The usual suspects, Lord Raa, Bsmart, Alpha_Zulu...if you "ain'tent dead", please reply to this post.
3:02 pm
Dresden Files
Rereading "Skin Game". Such a good writer. Who else is a fan? ROLLCALL!
2:57 pm
Anonymous posts will now show up immediately
As some people seem to be posting anonymously, I've taken off the "screen anonymous posts" setting, so your posts will now show up immediately.

I figure this LJ is obscure enough and has been "dead" long enough that spam and whatnot are minimal threats, at the moment anyway.
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
4:17 pm
Sick, and writing a shit-ton
Been writing originalfic stuff, mostly enchantment technical specs for hours. Trying desperately to ignore whatever plague has hold of me now (seems to be a garden-variety cold). Writing is working pretty well as a distraction.

I think I may have crossed over a barrier: the ratio between the enjoyment I get from creating vs. consuming has become so lopsided in favor of creating that I may actually end up finishing something original. I still love reading great work, but there isn't that much of it out there, compared to the sea of mediocrity and outright drek. It's gotten to the point where I'd rather daydream than read whatever sort-of-interesting books I have available. My daydreams are at least original and deep.

This leads to now: in order to kill time more efficiently, while not feeling like doing much, I decided, a while ago, to do the most energy consuming thing I know of that you can still do while not moving around much: writing. Creative composing would be a more specific wordage. "Writing" as a word, can mean anything from composing original fiction to copying text with pen on paper.

/pedant off

Anyhow, even if it never condenses into actual fiction, creating raw...jeez, it's hard to put it into words...concepts? Magical theory concepts, story seeds, character ideas, full-blown designs for magical objects, monster ideas...it's fun inventing that stuff. I've gotten to the point where I've digested the existing field, so I mostly create stuff that I don't see elsewhere, at least very often. It's amazing to me how endless it is.

Being sick is sometimes a help with creative work, oddly. You can explain that a variety of ways, in my personal experience I find that my mind literally can become more detached from my body, I say literally in the sense that it sure feels that way, so it becomes a bit more free to roam. Any daydream is better than being in a horridly ill fleshsack. :)
3:53 pm
Random Observation of the Day
"Mama Said Knock You Out" is mixed so that to clearly hear the vocals at the best volume the beat is obnoxiously loud. Brilliant yet irritating. I love it though. Sometimes when I listen to it I imagine incredible combat scenes. It's got ruthless flow.
Thursday, April 16th, 2015
1:57 am
Reality is hard to beat
Hm...I guess what I mean (by the title) is that reality refuses to be mechanized. To be "broken", the way you can with a game, or any lesser system than reality itself.

Practically and personally, I mean in the sense that whatever new skill or insight I develop, it doesn't somehow magically makes things "better" even though I still sort of have the stubborn, mostly subconscious-by-now notion that it might, perhaps sometime? Reality always adjusts itself in subtle ways to any new self-control I gain, so that it is one step ahead, or infinity steps, who knows if you can't see the future.

Hm...this is becoming one of those blogs where the blogger just posts odd rants at odd hours for no apparent reason. My fate perhaps.

Current Mood: introspective
Sunday, April 5th, 2015
4:08 am
I love these two vids
This one is the best:


This one is also great:


The first one makes me totally imagine an incredibly powerful, incredibly insane mage who manages to claw his way out of some terrible Abyss, "and be returned upon the world..." He talks as if he were some plague to be revisted upon mankind, not a human person...and I believe him. There's a story for me to write. ;)

The second one makes me think of a powerful, but only maybe mid-rank mage who still has some sanity left, managing to escape with a terrifying effort, mostly in the end by a bit of luck. In my vision, he returns to life mostly as a normal human, though changed (perhaps even for the good?) human mage.
4:00 am
I return once more!

*lightning strikes!*



Yeah. So, once again I somewhat reluctantly (for some reason) reactivate this journal. I have a need to talk about things that I can only talk about on this semi-obscure channel. For some reason, the fact that outside awarenesses can read things here, even if it is only a few, makes a difference to me. I don't entirely like it. But for whatever reason, I seem to want it. So here we are.

Perhaps it's a reluctance...I even reluctantly type these words...a reluctance to integrate my entire identity. That plus reluctance to accept the fact that I even need to communicate with other people. Of course, talking to people only on the internet often feels like communicating with phantoms.

Argh...fighting the urge to delete all these words...I often do that...not as often as Nathan Explosion, but often enough. It seems pointless and weak and therefore vulnerable and therefore to be immediately destroyed before it is attacked. My anxieties again?


Obviously I'm giving myself leeway to be self-indulgent. Perhaps that's the point of this journal: to indulge in talking about things that I don't normally talk about.

You'll note I'm not mentioning any fanfiction (though I just did: paradox! boom)...I'm more working on originalfic right now, in fits and starts.

Ugh...tired...as I am sick right now, I am also weak. Must sleep. Will probably post more in the future, the near future. Like tomorrow.

JUST IN CASE I RELAPSE: since last post in 2011(??!!) much life under the bridge. Doing semi-okay right now. Still feeling like I need to get to the next level.

IF YOU READ THIS (and care): WASSUP??! Leave a post and let me know.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, July 14th, 2011
11:47 am
Still Not Dead
Man, LJ is half-alive. Not very populated. Might lock this journal to stop the torrent of spam, until I start posting regularly again, if ever.

Real life is real life. Still not happy enough to write much. Getting slowly better though. I have to upgrade things soon in any case, after that anything is possible.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Current Mood: working
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
7:36 pm
Still Alive
Heh, not only applies to me, but I recently played and finished Portal. Great game. I'm not interested in the "advanced" maps though, too frustrating.

Lord Raa is still alive too, the irritating bugger. Here's some of his recent ficcage:

Snake in the Horse's Shadow 09:


Dead Man's Hand 01:


Haven't read them yet, so I can't comment.

No new writing from me. I'm slowly gaining momentum in the real world, hopefully things will continue to pick up. Recently hurt my back, though I'm now recovered. Man...yes, hurting your back is as disasterous as legend would have it. You don't realize how much you use it until you can't, and you find you can't move, hardly at all. NASTY!

Hope everyone reading this is doing well. We continue to live in interesting times.
Sunday, January 24th, 2010
1:49 am
"Little Shigure...Big Crisis" = LOL 
Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
1:57 pm
A couple of things
Almost 1000 (unique, I assume) visitors to my few paltry offerings on fanfiction.net, according to their traffic tool (which is kinda nifty)! Previous months seem to average out at around 150 to 200, so I'm assuming I got a review on a site with some decent traffic or something...even that many people is surprising considering I have less than 10K words posted on FF.net. I guess people are really, really bored these days?

That led me to check my stats on Mediaminer, where Payback has almost 90K hits, which again is surprising. If it were an original fic and those were actual people rather than just hits and each one was willing to give me a dime for reading it...I'd have some money! :)

I mention these things just because I really have no way of evaluating them sensibly, so feedback is potentially useful. BTW, I've just turned anonymous commenting back on.

I'm considering setting up a simple site and writing some original stuff, with a Paypal donation button...my personal fantasy world has a Pokegirl-like area in it, I'm thinking I might be able to create some entertaining time-killer. Making some money from it would be nice too.

I guess the point of this post is I'm having delusions of popularity or perhaps adequacy. Anyone care to vote either way? :)

Working on some writing right now, Harry Potter fanfic, a couple songfics and a fic, working title "100 percent magical weapon" that refuses to leave my head for any extended period, so I pretty much have to keep working on it. Or rather playing with it. Idea file for that one is the size of most people's entire story. It seems to attract a lot of my best ideas and keep them for itself. It started with the idea of a "magical gun" that is 100 percent magical in its operating principles and thus legal under the usual Ministry of Magic type idiotic laws. It's since broadened to include all the fun things about being a super-powered vigilante group, like gear, vehicles, having a tricked-out base...that sort of thing. I've got so many good ideas for nifty magical gear that I'm kinda worried that the opposition will seem underpowered. Hm...I'm thinking I can get around that with some Rorschach's Blot type breeziness. In other words, don't take things too seriously.

I've recently come to the (perhaps obvious) conclusion that my predilection is Thinking. I enjoy the figuring out of a story more than the creating of it (Doing), which is simply a ton of work. Still, it is nice to have the feeling of completing something, even if only a chapter of a fic.

Anyhoo, I'll go back to my tinkering. Give me your thoughts if you care to share them.

Current Mood: sick
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