Warpwizard (warpwizard) wrote,


"Little Shigure...Big Crisis" = LOL 
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Ummm... want to expand on that?

If that is Shigure from HSDK... I did not see 369 out yet at OneManga.

Or was it a image?

Or a fan fiction story you came across? If a fan fiction story... did you write it (nothing posted at the FF.NET or MM.ORG profiles)?
It was something Shigure said in the manga, in the mid 200s, when she and Kenichi were surrounded by sword wielding thugs. I think it was supposed to be a play on "Big Trouble In Little China".

Also, I have a new Love Hina fic in the works.
Good stuff. Poor Kasumi, she's be what, 29? 29 and unmarried is considered pretty late in Japan. Not that I wouldn't marry her anyway... :)
Actually, I've never gotten the nerve to ask, but doesn't Payback have the same problem? I mean, Kasumi is years older than the rest of the cast, but it never really seems to get addressed...
Actually she's the same age. I thought of that when I was writing it and set the NGE and Ranma elements at different times. It's actually in there in one of the chapters.

The NGE pilots start at 14. Shinji and Asuka get married at 19, several years after the major events of the NGE timeline are over, and Payback is set 10 years later. Ranma starts with Kasumi at 19 and Payback is 10 years after that. So they are all about the same age. Same thing with the Tenchi Muyo cast. And the Sailor Moon girls.

Just assume the main Payback cast is in their mid to late 20s. Of course, they are all in insanely good physical shape, plus magic/chi etc, so they are in that zone of ageless good looks and will be for a loooooong time.
Noooo! Sick Kasumi = punishment for Lord Raa.
You made that, you didn't find it! Good stuff. :)

Still alive, yeah. Hurt my back, but still alive.

Are you still crippled?

Found this - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5362943/9/

Also, back in the day, when a woman "crisis", it was a euphemism for an orgasm.

Just thought I'd mention that.
Nah, I'm good now. Just tired and sore. The key is using your legs. Squat for all movements!

Hm...crisis...yeah...people have always had bizarre attitudes about "female things", especially female pleasure.

Fic: pimped.