Warpwizard (warpwizard) wrote,

Still Alive

Heh, not only applies to me, but I recently played and finished Portal. Great game. I'm not interested in the "advanced" maps though, too frustrating.

Lord Raa is still alive too, the irritating bugger. Here's some of his recent ficcage:

Snake in the Horse's Shadow 09:


Dead Man's Hand 01:


Haven't read them yet, so I can't comment.

No new writing from me. I'm slowly gaining momentum in the real world, hopefully things will continue to pick up. Recently hurt my back, though I'm now recovered. Man...yes, hurting your back is as disasterous as legend would have it. You don't realize how much you use it until you can't, and you find you can't move, hardly at all. NASTY!

Hope everyone reading this is doing well. We continue to live in interesting times.
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