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A couple of things

Almost 1000 (unique, I assume) visitors to my few paltry offerings on fanfiction.net, according to their traffic tool (which is kinda nifty)! Previous months seem to average out at around 150 to 200, so I'm assuming I got a review on a site with some decent traffic or something...even that many people is surprising considering I have less than 10K words posted on FF.net. I guess people are really, really bored these days?

That led me to check my stats on Mediaminer, where Payback has almost 90K hits, which again is surprising. If it were an original fic and those were actual people rather than just hits and each one was willing to give me a dime for reading it...I'd have some money! :)

I mention these things just because I really have no way of evaluating them sensibly, so feedback is potentially useful. BTW, I've just turned anonymous commenting back on.

I'm considering setting up a simple site and writing some original stuff, with a Paypal donation button...my personal fantasy world has a Pokegirl-like area in it, I'm thinking I might be able to create some entertaining time-killer. Making some money from it would be nice too.

I guess the point of this post is I'm having delusions of popularity or perhaps adequacy. Anyone care to vote either way? :)

Working on some writing right now, Harry Potter fanfic, a couple songfics and a fic, working title "100 percent magical weapon" that refuses to leave my head for any extended period, so I pretty much have to keep working on it. Or rather playing with it. Idea file for that one is the size of most people's entire story. It seems to attract a lot of my best ideas and keep them for itself. It started with the idea of a "magical gun" that is 100 percent magical in its operating principles and thus legal under the usual Ministry of Magic type idiotic laws. It's since broadened to include all the fun things about being a super-powered vigilante group, like gear, vehicles, having a tricked-out base...that sort of thing. I've got so many good ideas for nifty magical gear that I'm kinda worried that the opposition will seem underpowered. Hm...I'm thinking I can get around that with some Rorschach's Blot type breeziness. In other words, don't take things too seriously.

I've recently come to the (perhaps obvious) conclusion that my predilection is Thinking. I enjoy the figuring out of a story more than the creating of it (Doing), which is simply a ton of work. Still, it is nice to have the feeling of completing something, even if only a chapter of a fic.

Anyhoo, I'll go back to my tinkering. Give me your thoughts if you care to share them.
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