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Reality is hard to beat

Hm...I guess what I mean (by the title) is that reality refuses to be mechanized. To be "broken", the way you can with a game, or any lesser system than reality itself.

Practically and personally, I mean in the sense that whatever new skill or insight I develop, it doesn't somehow magically makes things "better" even though I still sort of have the stubborn, mostly subconscious-by-now notion that it might, perhaps sometime? Reality always adjusts itself in subtle ways to any new self-control I gain, so that it is one step ahead, or infinity steps, who knows if you can't see the future.

Hm...this is becoming one of those blogs where the blogger just posts odd rants at odd hours for no apparent reason. My fate perhaps.
Tags: lunacy, nonsensical, rambling, vagueposts
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