Warpwizard (warpwizard) wrote,

Sick, and writing a shit-ton

Been writing originalfic stuff, mostly enchantment technical specs for hours. Trying desperately to ignore whatever plague has hold of me now (seems to be a garden-variety cold). Writing is working pretty well as a distraction.

I think I may have crossed over a barrier: the ratio between the enjoyment I get from creating vs. consuming has become so lopsided in favor of creating that I may actually end up finishing something original. I still love reading great work, but there isn't that much of it out there, compared to the sea of mediocrity and outright drek. It's gotten to the point where I'd rather daydream than read whatever sort-of-interesting books I have available. My daydreams are at least original and deep.

This leads to now: in order to kill time more efficiently, while not feeling like doing much, I decided, a while ago, to do the most energy consuming thing I know of that you can still do while not moving around much: writing. Creative composing would be a more specific wordage. "Writing" as a word, can mean anything from composing original fiction to copying text with pen on paper.

/pedant off

Anyhow, even if it never condenses into actual fiction, creating raw...jeez, it's hard to put it into words...concepts? Magical theory concepts, story seeds, character ideas, full-blown designs for magical objects, monster ideas...it's fun inventing that stuff. I've gotten to the point where I've digested the existing field, so I mostly create stuff that I don't see elsewhere, at least very often. It's amazing to me how endless it is.

Being sick is sometimes a help with creative work, oddly. You can explain that a variety of ways, in my personal experience I find that my mind literally can become more detached from my body, I say literally in the sense that it sure feels that way, so it becomes a bit more free to roam. Any daydream is better than being in a horridly ill fleshsack. :)
Tags: originalfic, possibilities, sick, writing
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